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Approved Trip

Overseas Travel Approval - 


Dear Organiser, 

Overseas Travel -
Thank you for advising us of your trip to Santa Maria Da Feira, Portugal 4th – 11th August 2017.
British Gymnastics can confirm that your trip has been agreed and we would like to wish you a safe and successful trip.
If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards

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European Health Insurance

Each person travelling need to obtain their European Health Insurance Card: to complete and online form or they can call 0845 606 2030. 

2017 Programme

Portugal 2017 Training

Trampoline Training Camp in Portugal

The Theme is "Training in Hot Conditions".

Friday, 04 Aug 17   - 11th Aug 17
2017. Tramp camp   More...

This training camp is organised by Ray (BTC), Sarah (Charnwood) and Joanne (Portugal).

 Each person travelling obtained their European Health Insurance Card? Forms are available from the post office or Tel. 0845 606 2030 or and complete online.



Please add your name if you are interested in attending the trampoline training camp.


Portugal Training Camp 2017

A Training Camp has been organised to run along side the Fantastic Medieval Festival da Feira in Portugal

The Festival will provide entertainment each evening whilst keys to the training hall and equipment will be provided by the local Feira Trampoline Club each day.

Permit to Travel, by BG for BG Members to attend will be sort nearer the date (Portugal Trampoline Training Camp).

Extra Insurance Policy: Enhanced medical and Travel Insurance will also be booked.

The Aims of the Training Camp:

1. Coaches:
    a.  Coaches are invited to attend to gain (CPD) Continued Personal Development Certificates and Coaching Concepts.

    b.  Provide an environment to learn from other Coaches.

2. Performers (BAGA Members)
   a. The theme/aim is to learn to "train in Hot Conditions!" and includes daily training outdoor (Castle Run) and indoor Routines, Drills, progressions and safe practise (a full list will be provide to Performers/coaches before attending)
   b. Performers must be accompanied by parent/family members or named Chaperones.

Our Portugal Contact / Interpretor is Joanna and Mr. Vasco Lamoso - they organise local transport and free access to Trampoline Hall and equipment (x4 Trampolines x1 DMT x1 Rig).  Fitness Classes, Quizzes, Fitness Runs and Zumba Classes.

As a club, this is our 5th visit to Feira in Portugal, so we know the area very well. 

This training week for coaches and trampoline gymnasts, it is not a competition.  Parents and family members always join in with the events and enjoy the Medieval festival and live shows, that takes place every afternoon and evening.