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Whether you are a gymnast, a coach, a judge or responsible for running a club, you will find information here about the insurance, arranged by BG, to protect you whilst you are taking part in our sport.





Managing the Risks of Coaching (MRC)

British Gymnastics has introduced an online learning and risk management course called Managing the Risks of Coaching (MRC).

All BTC Coaches should goto the BG Safety Centre and complete the course.

The course is designed to help you to:

  • Be more aware of the risks associated with the sport
  • Increase awareness of how to manage risks inherent to the sport
  • Reduce the likelihood of causing injury or damage
  • Reduce the likelihood of litigation

MRC is available for completion from within the new BG Safety Centre


The club is called Bassetlaw Trampoline Club (BTC).

1.      The club aims:

Aim a:    Provide trampoline coaching for beginners to elite performers.
Aim b:    Provide coaching towards qualifications, certificates including ‘Coach Education’ and Training.  Coaches "must not" coach skills above their qualification level unless mentored (one level up).
Aim c:   Provide the opportunity and training to upgrade including coach mentoring and judge qualifications.
Aim d:   Provide a pathway into trampoline Regional and National competitions.

Aim e:   Provide sporting opportunity for those in the local community to  participate in trampolining if there are spaces within the club.

Aim f:    To provide a ‘child safe’ environment.

Aim g:   To provide funding for BTC Judge qualification.

Aim h:   To provide part funding for BTC Coach Qualification.

Aim I:    To provide coaching/advice for a good diet & general fitness.

Aim J:   Fund Membership of British Gymnastics.

Aim K:  Fund Membership of East Midlands Region (BG).

Aim L:   Fund Membership of County (Nottinghamshire).


2.  Information:   

Update information feed, to all members via this web-site (

3.  Membership:

A person shall be deemed to be a member of the club once they have completed a three session trial, paid membership fees to British Gymnastics and have been invited to join by the Senior Coach.  To become a member, please make the first contact via our contact page, or call Ray on 07976216464.  Places are subject to available space within the club and names may be included on a waiting list.

4.  Club Conduct:

The Management Committee will conduct club affairs. The committee is made up of the club coaches and a number of members or their parents.


Facebook: The club does have a Facebook Page.  Childrens names and details will not be published or supported by BTC.  There will be no official club requests, details, updates or events published on Facebook.  All information will be via the official website....

Individuals may, of course, have Facebook accounts.  However, under British Gymnastic Rules. Coaches are not permitted to communicate directly with club children, via social media, including text messages, without sending a copy of the message to the Parent also.

5. The Management  Officers of the club:

Chairperson and Director.  Ray Bevan (Tutor Coach).

Secretary:   Gail Bevan.

Welfare Officer:   Tracey Perkins.

Treasurer:   Gail Bevan and Heather Hammond.

Judge Member/Training:   Ray, Gail, Dale, Marie Summerly

Members Member (Child Leader) Emma and Charlotte.

6.  Management Duties:

The officers will be responsible for all the affairs of the club including all safety and equipment checks, certificates and insurances are checked and kept up-to-date.

7. Meetings:

The committee will hold meetings, as required by the Chairman. Decision made at these meetings will be for the ‘good and benefit’ of the members and relayed to the club members via the newsletters and web-site.

8.  AGM:               

An AGM will be held each year (June).  The Treasurer will provide a financial statement with regard to the club’s banking and payments and committee members must vote-in the new committee.

9.  Records:

The Secretary will provide a true record of all meetings and provide a copy at each meeting.

10. Paid Coaches and Voluntary Status:

Payment should made to 'Self Employed' coaches that are not under coach training. Casual fees/expences should also be paid.  Partents that offer their voluntary services should not be paid other than refunding normal expenses.   Payments and fees are subject to sufficient amounts in the club funds.

11.  Coaching Fees:

The fees paid by members must not fall into arrears by more than 2 weeks, there after, reminders/invoices are sent.

12.  Dissolution

If the Management Committee decides that is necessary to dissolve BTC, then a meeting will be called with at least one month notice.  The proposal to dissolve must be confirmed by two thirds majority of those present and voting.  After settling any debts or liabilities of BTC, any money, equipment or assets held by the Organisation or Group will be passed to a not-for-profit organisation or group to use for charitable purposes for the benefit of a Sporting Club, based in Worksop.

13.   Records:

A record of all assets and equipment of loan to the club will be maintained by the officers.



Ray Bevan

 (chair)     Date  01 June 2016