English Championship E1

Date: Saturday 8th Apr 2017. 


Alysia and Bella both made the Final top 8.

Well done Bronze medal - Alysia

4th place Bella - well done.

Enya did great vol - stopped in set (next time)

Great to see BTC complete against the best clubs in England.

English Round 2:

James White:
 Silver Individual Trampoline Men 9-10 gymnast
Enya Davie:
 Silver Individual Trampoline Women 11-12 gymnast
Isabella Crane:
 Silver Individual Trampoline Women 13-14 gymnast
Alysia Middleton:
 Silver Individual Trampoline Women 17-18 gymnast
Hollie Peach:
 Gold Individual Trampoline Women 15-16 gymnast
Dale Bevan: judge
Ray Bevan: Coach

Dress: BTC Kit & Leotards.

Venue: Bath

BTC Competitors x5:

This is the second of x2 Qualification events.

(Top 16 gain a place at English Finals in October 2017)


English Championships E2

English Championships -  Qualifier 2

Venue:  Bath University

Address: University Of Bath, Claverton Down Road, Combe Down, Bath BA2 7AY

Competed on Saturday 13th May 2017 - Silver Competitors

James White - Qualified for English Finals

Enya Davie - DNQ

Bella Crane - Not Confirmed

Alysia Middleton - Qualified for English Finals


Sunday 14th May 2017- Gold Competitor

Hollie Peach - Qualified for English Finals - Not Confirmed

Schools Finals 2017

Congratulations to James White:

James has finished 4th at the Schools British Finals in Newcastle on the 5th March.

View his Video - Set and Vol - Here

Well Done from all of use at BTC.





Competition - NDP Team EM

Congratulations, - the coaches are all very pleased with the overall results

(Top 2 in each group and scored over 45.5 = EM Team)

Isabella Crane    TRA Level 7 - Women 11-14    1st = Qual team
Alysia Middleton    TRA Level 7 - Women 17+    1 st = Qual team

James White    TRA Level 3 - Men 9-10      1st  =  Qual team
Grace Woolley    TRA Level 3 - Women 9-10    1st = Qual team

(There will be x2 team training days before the Regional Team Championships)

Anna Hopkinson    TRA Level 3 - Women 13+   4th    
Harrison Reynolds    TRA Level 1 - Men 11-12    1st    
Mia Middleton    TRA Level 1 - Women 13+  29th     
Enya Davie    TRA Level 4 - Women 11-12    3rd 
Libby Elkington    TRA Level 2 - Women 9-10    3rd

East midlands website:



29th Jan Loughbrough LE11 3HE
Qual = Can Compete for a place in the EM Team in March (top 2) in each group.
Congratulations = Everyone completed all routines.
Isabella Crane      TRA Level 7 - Women 11-14   Qual (1st)
Alysia Middleton  TRA Level 7 - Women 17+     Qual (1st)
James White       TRA Level 3 - Men 9-10         Qual (1st)
Grace Woolley      TRA Level 3 - Women 9-10   Qual (1st)
Enya Davie         TRA Level 4 - Women 11-12    Qual (2nd)
Harrison Reynolds TRA Level 1 - Men 11-12      Qual (2nd)
Holly Pendleton    TRA Level 6 - Women 15-16  (2nd)
Libby Elkington      TRA Level 2 - Women 9-10   Qual (3rd)
Anna Hopkinson      TRA Level 3 - Women 13+ Qual (4th)
Mia Middleton      TRA Level 1 - Women 13+     Qual (7th)
Emma Levitt       TRA Level 4 - Women 13+      (7th)

Those that qualified  need to inform Gail that they wish to compete for a place in the East Midlands Team. These will come from the top x2 at the next competition.  Closing date is Thursday 9th Feb.

Nottinghmshire 2016

History: Nottingham, Charity Event.

Date: 19th June 2016.

Venue: Kirk Halam School, DE7 4HH


James 2nd

Katy 1st

Maisy 2nd

 Freya, 1st

Grace 1st

Enya 1st

Congratulations all competitors Gold or Silver for everyone!  Wow.... Keep up the good work.

GB Series 1 2017

Hollie Peach finished in 13th place at the GB Series Event (1) held at Nottingham.


Training Note

East Midland Team training:

Training Day (2) - 4th June from 10-4. 

£5 training fee Payable to Rose (Lincoln Coach)

Bella, James, Grace & Alysia qualified to attend.

Stephenson Road
off Station Road
North Hykeham

Congratulations to everyone that attended the English Qualifier (2) competition at Bath.

Alysia 2nd after Set & Vol (Qualified for the English Finals in October).

James White 4th after set and vol, Qualified for the Finals in October).

Hollie Peach made the individual final.

Bella and Eyna, both toched the end deck and need to wait for an invite into the finals.

New video uploaded here - Video Page  Hollie Peach Slow Motion Routines.


Please note...

The Regional Team Finals were being held at the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham on Saturday 17th June & Sunday 18th June.

Many congratulations to all members that were selected (qualified) to compete for East Midlands.


James (4th), Alysia (2nd) and Bella (5th) - All qualified for the National Individual NDP Finals (Top 8 in GB) due to take place in July.

Grace completed both routines (Check the video page) and finished in 13th place.

Well done from all the coaches - an outstanding result


NDP National Finals - Telford

Competition:  NDP National Finals 2017

Congratulations James: 2nd Place

Well done also to Aylsia and Bella for a great final. 

Competitors: James 2nd, Alysia 5th & Bella 8th

Dates: 7 - 9 July 2017

Venue:  Telford International Centre, St Quentin Gate, Telford. TF3 4JH


Well Done From all the coaches: TO JAMES, ALYSIA & BELLA


English Championships - 2017

English Championship Finals, Results:

Alysia Middleton "Champion" 


James White "5th"

Isabella Crane "9th"

Hollie Peach "4th"

Location EIS Sheffield

"CONGRATULATIONS to all, fantastic routines"


News update

East Midlands Championships 2017

Champion: GRACE: CONGRATULATIONS from all the coaches.


NDP Competition -19 Nov 2017

1st Compulsory NDP competition

Date:  Sunday 19th November 2017

Venue:  Loughborough Leisure Centre, 2A Browns Lane, Loughborough LE11 3HE

Charlie 1st Place

also Competed:

Anna , Libby, Mia, Holly, Katy P, Tallulah, Katie W, Grace,



NDP 2 Competition

Date: Sunday 28 January 2018

Venue:  Worksop Leisure Centre


Libby Elkington  TRA Level 1 - Women 11-12, Panel 2, Time: 9.00 am

Katie Woodcock  TRA Level 1 - Women 9-10,  panel 2, Time: 9.00 am

Anna Hopkinson  TRA Level 4 - Women 13+, panel 1, Time: 9.00 am 

Holly Pendleton  TRA Level 5 - Women 15+, panel 1, Time: 10.05 am 

Katy Phelan  TRA Level 1 - Women 13+, panel 2, Time: 10.15 am

Mia Middleton  TRA Level 1 - Women 13+, panel 2, Time: 10.15 am

Grace Woolley  TRA Level 3 - Women 11-12, panel 1, Time: 11.15 am

Charlie Meakin  TRA Club 1 - 7-8 , panel 2, Time: 11.30 am 

Maisie Foster  TRA Club 1 - 7-8, panel 2, Time: 11.30 am

Amelia Bower  TRA Club 2 - Women 11-12, panel 2, Time: 12.40 pm

Tallulah Middleton  TRA Club 3 - Women 11-12, panel 2, Time: 13.20 pm

Florence Bower  TRA Club 3 - Women 7-10, panel 2, Time: 13.20 pm

Sienna Foster  TRA Club 3 - Women 7-10, panel 2, Time: 13.20 pm

All competitors (apart from the 9am groups) need to be there 45 minutes before their timing, just in case the competition runs early.  I know most of you will be there to help on the day, thank you.

NDP Regional Team Finals

Contratulations to 

Grace Woolley (NDP Level 3)

  Qualified to represent East Midlands (2018)

British Schools Finals

British Schools Finals

Belfast, 24th March 2018

All the coaches and club members congratulate 

James White for his 2nd Place



Result Portugal 2016

portugal 2016:


Girls team 3rd Place - in Portugal. wow great job.  Well Done.

1st Finland.

2nd Canada.

3rd Bassetlaw.

4th Portugal UTW.

5th Portugal ARG.

Also Hollie Peach made the individual Final.

finished 5th in final (individual).  Well done to dale also for coaching them through a diff comp

well Done.

Congratulations to Hollie, Holly and Bella.

International Portugal: Scalabis Cup,

Date: 29th June - 2nd July 2016. (Live Stream).

Competitors Under 14 Age Group.:

Hollie Peach competes in the final - inished 5th


Regions Championships

East Midlands:

16th October regional championships Loughborough (2016). Browns Lane, Loughborough, LE11 3HE

 - bookings are now Closed -

Mia Middleton    12-13 Yrs Girls Novice       4th  Points:    45.43

Holly Pendleton    13-14 Yrs Girls Advanced   5th  Points:  47.30

Isabella Crane    13-14 Yrs Girls Advanced    2nd  Points:    48.90

Kadie Middleton    13-14 Yrs Girls Advanced    6th  Points:  44.40

Esmai Spooner    Under 10 Girls Novice        16th  Points: 43.10

Libby Elkington    Under 10 Girls Novice       8th Points:  45.80  

Tallulah Middleton    Under 10 Girls Novice   24th Points 30.18

Hollie Peach    Under 15 Girls Elite        9th (Tar 7.8)  Points: 51.30

Harrison Reynolds    10-11 Yrs Boys Novice    1st      Points:  42.23

Alysia Middleton    Over 15 Girls Elite   4th  Points:  52.40

Enya Davie    11-12 Yrs Girls Intermediate    2nd  Points: 50.50

Hallie Elkington13-14 Yrs Girls Intermediate   8th Points: 40.9

Katy Phelan    13-14 Yrs Girls Intermediate 4th Points:  45.20   

James White    Under 11 Boys Intermediate    1st    Points 49.00

Grace Woolley    Under 11 Girls Intermediate    3rd  Points: 46.20




Christmas Event 2017

Day: Sunday.

Date: 17th December 2017

Time: Start 14:15  (2 pm) 

Finish: 17:45 pm (5:45 pm)

Christmas Fun Event with guests invited from Charnwood Trampoline Club.

The event includes: 

Friendly competitions for Novice, intermediate & Advanced groups.

Dress:  Optional, Fancy Dress with Christmas Theme.

Food:  Tables will be laid out for all taking part (Parents, PLEASE help with food & Drinks).

Bouncy Castle will be available for all.

Extra trampoline will be set-up for fun bouncing & games.




History year 2015-16


National NDP Finals, 2nd place Silver medal for ENYA.


Many Congratulations from the club members and coaches.  Well done also for producing Two high scoring routines, gaining high 8s and a 9.0. (Outstanding).



Schools Zonal Championships:

Cambridge University Sports Centre.

Through to British schools Finals

Congratulation to Alysia Qual in 2nd place.

Hollie, Enya And Maisy Completed all routines (maisy missed qual by .10) finishing in 4th place.

Congratulations to all for representing East Mindland Schools at Zonal level.


East Midlands Regional Championships 2014 Date: Sunday 19th October 2014​​Venue: Loughborough Leisure Centre Le11 3he



National Finals NDP7 in Telford
Congratulations to Alysia who has finished 4th National Final.

GOLD for Alysia at Newcastle....


Great result, 1st place, NDP 7, very well done from everyone at the the club.

Good luck in Next Months National Finals in Telford RB.


Training Notes

CHRISTMAS PARTY on Sunday 18 Dec 2016

Venue Worksop Leisure Centre 4-6pm

(Parents please help by bringing some party food/eats/treats)

See you all there.



Halloween Fancy Dress Bounce at Sunday 

Competition Dates 2017



Harrison Reynolds


James White

16th October regional championships Loughborough (2016)

(Click here for results)

29th January NDP Loughbrough (2017)

5th March NDP Loughborough (2017)



Regional Team Finals &    NDP Qualification    16th – 18th June  (Qual. Top x2 in regionals)

NDP Final    7th – 9th July (Top x8 in UK)


English Event series (1) 8th Apr 2017

GB Spring Event Series (1)   28th – 30th April

English Event Series (2) 13th - 14th May

GB Spring Event Series (2)   2nd - 4th June 

British Championships     23rd -24th September

English Championships 14th - 15th October 2017

November NDP Chilwell (2017)

January NDP Worksop (2018)

March NDP Loughbrough (2018)




News - Sports Awards


Nottinghamshire Sports Awards

Our u14s team has made it through to the finals for Junior Team of the Year.

Finalists at the Nottinghamshire Sports Awards 2016

Under 14s Team of the year

Sunday 4th Dec 2016.

(East Midlands School Championships)

Outstanding Routines and congratulations to all that competed.

Qualified for the Zonal Round:






Regional Team Finals

East Midland Team Members: Alysia, James, Grace & Bella.

Qualified for Inter Regional Team Finales (Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales).

Competition Dates:

Saturday 17th June Grades NDP 1-4 Compete (NP4 may also run-over to Sunday).

Sunday 18th June Grades NDP1 5-7 Compete.

Training Dates:

East Midlands are offering 2 training dates for the trampoline qualifiers.

Both sessions will run from 10.30-3.30 with Rose leading both session.

14th May - Northampton for Qualifiers (Clash with English 2 competition).

4th June - Lincoln (clash with the SES 2 but unfortunately this is unavoidable)

Each training day will be £5. Confirmation of who wishes to attend the training sessions to Gail please.

Payment for Entries and Kit to Gail ASAP Please.

Competition Entry: £30
Kit: £25 (The region will pay for the T-shirts of the qualified gymnasts)
Training day: £5 for each one
Coach T-shirts: £5




East Midlands Schools Championships

Congratulations to East Midlands Schools Champions:

Enya Davie (1st Place Gold Medal).

James White (1st Place Gold Medal).

Ella Cannng (1st Place Gold Medal (Portland School)


Also Qualified for the Zonal Championships:

Alysia Middleton (2nd place, Silver Medal)

Grace Woolley (2nd Place, Silver Medal)

Sorreyl Kendal (3rd Place, Bronze Medal, Portland)

Catlin Flynn (3rd Place Bronze Medal, Portands).


All the coaches wish the performers "good Luck" - top x3 qualify to the British schools Finals.

(Some Great Routines and skill displayed by Tallulah, Katy, Mia and Holly).


Schools Zonal

Central Zone Schools Competition

Date:  21 January 2018

Venue:  Queens Park Sports Centre, Boythorpe Road, Chesterfield, S40 2ND


Enya Davie - Under 14 Girls, intermediate, panel 1, flight 3, Time: 9.55 am

Grace Woolley - Under 11 Girls, intermediate, panel 2, flight 2, Time: 12.05 pm

James White - Under 11 Boys, intermediate, panel 2, flight 1, Time: 15.50 pm

Alysia Middleton - Under 19 Girls, elite, panel 1, flight 2, Time: 15.55 pm


All competitors need to be there 45 minutes earlier than your timings, in case the competition groups run earlier than expected.


Good luck from everyone at the BTC

Team of the Year

Bassetlaw Trampolne Club has won 

"Team of the Year 2016"

at the Sports Awards.


finalists at notts sports awards